Thursday, March 30, 2006

Vex'D and Loefah w/ Sgt. Pokes. Manchester.

Just a quick heads up for these two heavywieght acts appearing in Manc. The Pheonix Club is very central. Hopefully going to reach this.

Big up Random Trio (which is actually just two people i'm pretty sure!)and the rezzies doing good steppa stuff in my fine home city!

Digital Mystikz in Sheffield!!

Great news. First proper dubstep we had up in this neckle of the woods was Youngsta at 'Dark Crystal' put on by Junglist Alliance's Alex Deadman. This took place at Everyone Centre and I couldn't go. Gutted. I tried to console myself that Youngsta's minimal style wasn't quite to my taste but that was pure sillyness (though vaguely truth-derived). Must have sounded great on the big rig there, I went to the last Dub Central and thought the music was great.

So next installment comes from the c90 boys. Check the link to the right for more info. Joe c90 taught me some logic two years ago and he gave me a first for my essay on 'Backwards Speech', so you know he's on the level. Man, that theory was unbelieveably silly, ripe to be picked apart with some sharpass logic. They have got Digital Mystikz up, which i think is a wise choice. Digi Mystikz are wound so tight around the centre of the whole scene that thier name has travelled futher and wider than most. Im going to see Loe and Skream tomorow night in Bristol. Sicknezz.

I think its a great move getting Space Ape instead of the normal Mystikz MC Sgt. Pokes. I like Pokes but Space Ape dropped more gems than an aged diamond merchant on Dubstep Allstars III and I bet he will be brilliant live. Might not be able to attend though.

Friday 21st April
Matilda Social Centre, 111 Matilda St, Sheffield
10pm - 2am. Last entry midnight.
Advance tickets will be available at the following places...
Dulo, Rare 'n' Racy, D'n'B arena, Record Collector, Forever Changes.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Welcome to the bloggage. Ive just kicked it off tonight so there is nothing of even vague interest to see yet.