Sunday, April 30, 2006

2nd Phaze

Tracklist for Wiley's '2nd Phaze'. I'm not really understanding why he has put More Fire's 'Oi' on it given the history with Mr. Bizzle but it's all good! Available here only so far.

Check the latest Westwood appearance at Wiley's MySpace. Apart from the Big Dawg's amusing shouting it has new material from Wiley Kat.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dizzee Vs Asher D

As promised a week or so ago, here is the full radio recording of a youngish Dizzee Rascal clashing with So Solid's Asher D. It is taken from DJ Dopeman's 'The London Underground' mix. I felt that since its origins were in a pirate radio clash I could legitimately post it up here. I'm not so sure about something taken from a proper album or single release.

Friday, April 28, 2006

Selector Porkjacket in Full Effect

My new set-up! Just need to master the art of mixing now. Listening to Skream's anarchic 'Stella Sessions' set from a couple of weeks ago with Mala and Chef tearing shit up at the end and the whole thing spilling over into a mammoth two and a half hour mix of fresh dubs, old classics and general brilliance. Sun outside and a beer festival ten minutes down the road, all is looking good today!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Heat Wave live bits

Some mp3s to download here of few MCs from across the Grime/UKHH spectrum including Jammer, Skepta, Gods Gift, Riko, Blak Twang and Klashnekoff. I always think HeatWave looks like a great event; the Dancehall and Reggae sonic emphasis teamed with vocalists from a broad selection of traditions.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bank Holiday Heat

Just a comment reppin' Sheffield, lots of love for it at the moment! This weekend offers a pretty wicked selection of music-

Friday: Urban Gorilla with Sharam (DeepDish), Nic Fanciulli, Adam Freedland and Elite Force.
DJ Premier, Killa Kella and DJ Format at the Plug.

Saturday: Pimp and Soil, Japanese dancefloor Jazz band at Phon-etics, The Room.

Sunday: 'Love Music Hate Racism' with Lethal Bizzle, Marc Mac of 4Hero, Blak Twang, c90's Julien and a host of other local talent.
Big party at the Plug with line-up described below.
'Warehouse Sessions' at Leadmill with Justin Robertson, FC Kahuna and DJ's Are Not Rockstars feat. Princess Superstar & Alexander Technique.

Large!! Given annoying essays etc. that must be written, I'm unsure as to what i'm going to get too. Probably just Phon-Etics and the anti-racism one. Still, one course i do is being effected by all the industrial action taking place at the moment, so if nothing is resolved in the next week or so our essays can not be given out or marked, so that'll be one less thing to do!

Tectonic 10" Series Starting

From the Rooted blog.

'Very imminent...a 4 x 10” series of cutting edge dubstep from some of the scenes biggest names. Tectonic taking it to the next level! The first 10” due out in June features Skream’s ‘Bahl Fwd’ and Distance’s ‘Tempatation’, whilst part two will be DQ1’s ‘Wear the Crown’ and Mk1’s ‘Slang’. Two more 10”s will follow leading to a CD project. You heard it here first.'

Good to see Sheffield-er Oris Jay (DQ1) getting a new release.

Stateside Opinion III

Xenon's Stateside opinion III available here. Trim, Wiley, Ruff Swad and other usual suspects featured. Also Jammer's remix of Roots Manuva's 'Colossal Insight', which is a great tune for inclusion.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Bank Holiday Business Part II

Advance warning for a decent looking night about a month off. 'Freshen Up' at Corporation on Sunday 28th May. One (the only?!) redeeming feature to Coroporation as a venue is the extraordinarily cheap drink prices it sometimes offers! £1 for a bottle of Carlsberg sounds pretty appetizing. Reggae and Jungle mash-up in the main room. Second room sees Sheffield breaks/dubstep specialist Oris Jay (Darqwan) playing a set I am already looking forward to. 'Deadman does Dubstep' also sounds pretty promising! 'Duppy Man' perveyors Chase and Status in the large room longside local fave Daddy Freddy and large vocalists Tenor Fly and Top Cat.

Bank Holiday Business!

First up is 'Jungle Central' Sunday 30th April at the Plug.




Check this out for a monster of a line up, 3 rooms, 31 DJ’s and MC’s over 9hrs! Three nights go head to head in a clash of drum and bass, jungle, dub, hardcore and hard dance.

In the Neutral room we have the massive Nottingham drum and bass night DETONATE. Now in their 8th year they’re responsible for some of the biggest DnB events in the UK. This is their Sheffield debut and features the Brazilian superstar Marky alongside the explosive Dynamite MC. Hospital Records man Cyantific also joins in with MC Ruthless on the mic.

In the Live room we have a Plug debut for Sheffield night UPRISING. One of the longest running underground Hardcore and Hard Dance events in the UK, with more than 11 years under it’s belt, they truly know how to throw a party. Expect a mash up of hardcore, hard trance, techno, hardstyle and old skool all in one night.

Over in Earth we have the unique collaboration of Dub Central and Junglist Alliance. JUNGLE CENTRAL is a clash between two of the cities most dedicated and exciting promoters and will feature an explosion of heavyweight dub, reggae and steppas from around the globe slugging it out with Jungle both old and new and the mighty sounds of Dubstep.

9pm til 6am // £9.00 adv / / 0114 249 2208 /The Plug, Matilda St'.

Blurb from the Plug website. Think i'll probably go to this. Looks like a great party vibe should be happening. I'm loving the fact that each of the three rooms is being devoted to a different sound. 'Earth' is quite a pleasantly intimate and warm space, and some mid-90's jungle mixed with reggae, ragga and hopefally dancehall and dubstep could make for some very pleasing vibes indeed! Dub Central are excellent and i know that some of the Junglist Alliance are into Dubstep.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Stateside Opinion

Tasty looking grime mix here, courtesy of Xenon. Plenty of stuff i don't recognise alongside familiar bangers like Ruff Sqwad's 'Jampie', Jammer's 'Marksman' and Stutta's 'Konk'. Your chest Xenon!

My first ever white labels!

Hopefully a moment I will look back glowingly at in years to come! The other one is Digi Mystikz on Soul Jazz too - Misty Winter / Conference. Of the four tracks i think my favorite is 'Walkin With Jah'.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

New SMG Grime Freestyles

Friday, April 21, 2006

Large up Grievous Angel!

Thanks for linking me on your blog. I'm very new to the game, so even small tokens of recognition are welcome! Whilst browsing the site I discovered this excellent little mix of Dizzee clashing with Asher D of So Solid. Worth checking out. Originally on radio, I have a different, longer version of the clash with some of the presenters voice preserved. Will create a YouSendIt link for it in a couple of days for yr aural pleasure!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Great Mix-CD Swap

First up, I stole this idea from Dissensus forum.

It's a simple method of getting some new music (not that my clogged hard discs and brain really need any more) but in the most exciting way possible - the morning postman 's drop of goodies through the front door. It will cost very little and hopefully be quite good fun.

The Rules

A single CD of music is to be provided. If the creator wants to mix, scratch, cut it, scatter it with FX or manipulate it in any other way that is fine. A straight play of 10 or 12 tunes is also fine. CDs are cheap and quick to burn. The only cost incurred will be a little bit of postage.

Hand written tracklisting must be provided. I also encourage everybody to draw a little bit of cover art on the CD or its paper insert.

There will be three weeks to make your CD, encourage your friends to get involved and for me to recruit as many people as possible. After that three weeks is up, I will send a group email telling people to get their CDs in the post ASAP. I will, of course, provide them with addresses at this point, randomly selected.

That's it. I would perhaps advocate a mild sonic theme to your mix-CD, but this is not obligatory. Similarly, I would discourage adherence to a very narrow sub-genre, but again this is your prerogative to pursue if you wish. Good luck and hold tight for info!!! Get involved by leaving a comment here or email me at porkjacket '''at''' gmail '''dot''' com
Some quality MP3s have hit Bleep. Tectonic, Keysound and Hot Flush have all added most of their (admittedly small) back catalogues. Planet Mu have updated their selection. Picks of the bunch for me has to be the classic Loefah & screams 12" '28g/Fearless', DJ Pinch and P. Dutty's 'War Dub' and HF005 by Slaughter Mob.

Since those are all old(ish) tunes perhaps the best bit on Bleep is the new Virus Syndicate EP - Major List MCs/Ready to Learn. Looking forward to hear the Major List MCs version which punningly features some, err, Major List MCs - Jammer, Trim (Trimothy, Taliban Trim anyone?) and Earz. Been loving Earz' flow since 'Happy Days' and Trim's cocky, rushy flow should grab the tune by the scruff of the neck.

Digi Mystikz Sheffield venue moved for Saturday

Moved up the road to The Plug, should still be fine, if lacking the character of Matilda St.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Big n small ways, Short n tall ways

Crazy D has joined Kiss FM. Its only other 'post-garage' rep is Logan Sama playing his excellent weekly grime show.

Thanks to Blacklay at the Dubstep Forum for this info - 'Crazy D will be hosting 4, 1 hour shows on Kiss 100 through the month of April. Each will have a different set of DJs playing back to back.

Show one April 7
Hatcha, Benga and Skream

Show two April 14
Prior (search and destroy) and Vex'd

Show three April 21
Kode 9 and Youngsta

Show four April 28
Mala, Loefah & Sgt Pokes'.

The show from the 14th can be listened to here, though the classic Big Apple line up of Hatch, Benga and Skream seems to have slipped under the radar.

The principle of the project is simply Crazy D hosting and toasting his way over an hours worth of tasty riddims provided by the guests. Now he may not be my favored MC about, but Crazy certainly has his place. He is garage's direct descendent to SpaceApe's dub-poetry and Sgt. Pokes reggae styled toasting. The Prior and Vex'D show somehow sounded a little less inspiring than your average Rinse session. I'm not quite sure as to why that might be, but the sense of urgent importance that I attach to listening to the latest Skream, Chef or N-Type slot on Rinse just doesn't spring from the Kiss show. Anyway, the line-ups are pretty stella, and definitely worth an hour a week.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Venn Festival Bristol

I went to last years Venn. It was mainly rock derived, so wasn't exactly my preferred music but the atmosphere was great and there were some cool acts. This years looks good and I may try and attend, exams etc. permitting. They have lots of acts confirmed, the pick of the bunch so far for me being Hyperdub's Kode9, Planet Mu's Exile, wicked minimal jazz pianist Max Richter and Bristol's own Knowledge of Bugs who shared a split 10" with Asteroth a couple of years ago. It is a good place to go and almost enforce a variety of music upon your ears and soul. Last year I remember crazy Japanese psychedelic rockers 'Acid Mothers Temple...' whose music, whilst not altogether sonically to my taste, was certainly very memorable. Nice little friendly festival to support also.

Free Leafcutter John album

The Sky is Darker Than the Road is a series of songs he recorded as a favour to a friend. They are firmly embedded in the folk side of his music, with no electronic augmentation. Most of the tunes are just John and his guitar.

His 'The Forest and the Sea' looks set to drop soon, with test pressings in production at the moment. I saw him perform a section from this at a festival of Digital Media in Sheffield and was impressed. It consisted of sections of folky guitars-and-voice cut with bits of laptop manipulation of live samples. He used wood, little metal boxes and guitars to provide the samples. Nice.

DMZ Badness

Says it all. Hope to reach.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Grindie Vol. I

Taxed from Prancehall but i'm sure he'll never read this lowly blog anyway. If you missed Statik's Grindie I on Logan Sama's Myspace (or anywhere else for that matter) here it is once again. Thanks to Tiny Prancer for that.

Creeper Mixtapes

If anyone missed them Roll Deep's Creeper mixtapes I and II are available here and here courtesy of Logan Sama. Both worth getting but I'm especially liking the first one. Thanks to Logan for that one then.

Stepping at the BBC

As reported at various sources, the BBC have created a Dubstep page of sorts! They are hosting it on thier 'Collective', which is described as an 'interactive cultural magazine'. The short video there features some short chat from usual suspects such as Youngsta, Skream and Kode9.

All noise to me mate

Here is a yousendit link for Dizzee Rascal freestyling over Skream's 'Midnight Request Line'. It was on Logan Sama's Kiss 100 show and is important for two reasons. Firstly it is one of the most overt moments of cross-pollination between the Grime and Dubstep camps so far. Skepta, Wiley and co have been representing ata FWD, but this is perhaps the next step. Secondly it marks Dizzee's return to radio after a couple of years or so. Anyway it's good.

One of the best internet pics ever??!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Rinse FM Schedule

This is the newest Rinse FM schedule out (click to enlarge). Obviously lots of talent on there. 7-1 on a Sunday is a pretty brilliant evenings music with Newham Generals, Roll Deep and Ruff Sqwad playing. I'm loving Newham Gens at the moment. Some of their rhymes are quite simplistic, but they have a real fun aspect to their music. They even remind me of Phi-Life Cypher sometimes, though I'm not quite sure whether that is a good or bad thing! Footsie's production has been baaad though...

Skream's 'Stella Sessions' on Monday are compulsory listening for sure. He seems kinda off key, but in a good way. His cocky cockney attitude translates excellently across the airwaves. Loving the fact he shouts out Ronald MacDonald every week for his Happy Meal and clearly nails a good few of the eponymous beers every show! Check the brilliant Bare Files as ever for the archives.

Second Phaze

Just seen the proposed cover for Wiley's 'Second Phaze' lp. Hmmmm....a little bit sketchy. Reminds me of all those seemingly interchangeable No Limit covers in a way. Pleasantly homegrown, with a laudable DIY vibe but not altogether aesthetically pleasing.

What Do U Call It??

Made a trip down to Bristol for a few days. Friday night went to the Blue Mountain Club to catch Loefah and Skream. Pretty much confirmed Skream's status as my preffered dubstep producer. His tunes 'Dutch Flowers' and 'Music to Make You Stagger' were just so good and so satisfying when heard over the huge Dissedent sound-system. Whereas Loefah's joints were awesome in thier intense bass power, Skream's provided such a fun mood in which to dance. Read Gutterbreakz review here.

Saturday night saw a trip to The Black Swan for an awseome breakcore line-up. Unfortunately three hours at a house party previously saw me consume a little too much alcoholic refreshment and memories are blurred to say the least.

I also took some photos of graffiti around Bristol. It has been a modest project of mine to capture images of grafitti in various cities around the UK. Have done some stuff in London, Bristol and Sheffield so far, but hope to shoot Manchester in a few weeks. Check up top for a couple of choice shots. The killer choc muffin was outside a bakery with a huge wall of graff-ed products, croissants, biscuits, loafs - you name it!!