Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ever FWD>>

The best Dubstep line-up ever. The chance to catch all those early garridgey DJs is amazing, shame i'm going to be on holiday for this and DMZ at Mass. I'm loving the fact that Plasticman, Tubby and Geeneus are billing, meaning the night is really gonna be a mashup of dubstep, grime and garage. Plasticman b2b with Geeneus on the fwd>> podcast is seriously tight mixing.

Still, the wording clearly implies this to be the start of something regular, my money is on a party every two or three months. Hopefully it will alternate with DMZ, providing big Dubstep parties every month! Going to be lots of trips down to London over the next year i predict! Thank god for cheap advance rail tickets, the Megabus can be severely wearing if experienced too frequently!

FRIDAY 23.06.06


Entrance: 23:00 - 06:00 | £10/£6 NUS on the door | £10 Advance tickets | Fully licensed bar until close

Main Room: Plastician, Youngsta, Digital Mystikz & Sgt Pokes, Hatcha, Geeneus, N Type, Tubby. Hosted by MC Crazy D

Lounge: The Roots of Dubstep - Horsepower, El-B, Artwork, Menta, Phuturistix, Landslide, Hatcha (2001 Set)

Grime and dub-step night Forward, kicks off a new Friday night party here at The End.


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