Tuesday, May 16, 2006


SMG Productionz. Two MCs and one DJ, the classic line up. DJ Freddo spins the plates and Tw1st and X-Edus are the rhymers. I caught up (does e-mailing count as catching up in this modern age?!) with producer/DJ Freddo and asked him some questions about the Grime music we all love.

PorkJacket: Obviously grime is a pretty London derived music form. How do you think it translates to Northern cities such as Sheffield, Leeds or Manchester?

Freddo: I think it can translate into any accent or city, it's basically our version of hip-hop. As for the accent I think it's good to hear MCs with the different slang & accent, it adds personality to the music, as we use different vocab. I know there are a lot of London MCs who think grime should stay in London, but if we want to go international we need to move as a country, the same way the US has eastside, westside, dirty south, hispanic, midwest. I believe grime has the potential to do the same thing.

PJ: Did you guys get into grime through garage, jungle/dnb, hip-hop or just a mixture of musics? What other styles are you feeling?

F: We got into grime through a mixture of genres. I was brought up listening to a lot of dub reggae [as Newham Gens have also stated], old-skool speed garage, drum'n'bass and jungle. I started DJing at about 13, those times I was really into d'n'b and jungle, that's when I got interested in music production. I then got into hip-hop in a big way in my early teens, and have been influenced by a lot of producers such as DJ Premier, Pete Rock and RZA. This is which is why I use a lot of samples and big basslines in my beats.

Right now I'm really feeling dirty south hip-hop, it's got the rawness that I think a lot of modern hip-hop is lacking. In grime, lets see; JME, Skepta, Doogz, Flirta, Midland's Mafia, Low Deep are making some sick productions, Virus Syndicate. But seriously, Sheffield is about to explode in everyone's faces, with crews like, SMG, S.C.U.M, S.C.S, JD and much more.

PJ: How do you all know each other? Who is who in the group?

F: I met Tw1st through his brother TN. We had been friends for years. I met Tw1st, who always said that he wrote bars but not seriously, and one day I showed him some of my beats and he just said, "shit, we could merk man" so we bought a studio and the rest is history. The rest of the crew is just family & close friends; TN & Tw1st, you got Skinz & Big-D (also brothers), Spyda & Luda B (more brothers) then there's me and my little bro Siddo.

PJ: How important is the internet in what you do?

F: It is immensely important to what we do, it's enabled us to get into everybodys homes, make ourselves a household name. I've not come across a site for grime like ours as yet, we give people what they want to hear and on top of that we do it for free. We're averaging 100 visitors a day and because we are a 'dot com', we are easily accessible overseas. We have members from the USA, Austria, Germany, France, Japan and right across the UK. The world is on our doorstep.

You heard the man, hit the link and listen to some Steel Riddims!


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