Friday, September 22, 2006

1000 Apologies...

for the lengthy hiatus. I blame it on a lack of interent, now rectified.

Wiley is truely killing it at the moment. He's easily the most exciting UK artist for me at the moment. As well as the legit version of Da 2nd Phaze i also copped a version floated on the net which had some other great tunes on it. I have combined them into one version in my iTunes, making Da 2.1 Phaze!

His vocals on Stormy Weather are just superb, very on point, relentless flows.

And then to legally release two free mixtapes on the internet, announce the series is going up to 10 and get a deal with Big Dada. Add to this the absolute multitude of vinyl releases, especially white labels, across the Wiley Kat, Dumpvalve, XL and more. This fella here nails it.

Wiley's a don like wimbol. Nuff said.